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Marek’s disease is a viral neoplastic disease that’s specific to chickens. Basically, this means it causes the growth of tumors inside the chicken’s body. It is caused by a virus species called Gallid alphaherpesvirus 2 (for those who are curious). A herpes-type that is very communicable. Marek’s Disease (MD) results in enlarged nerves and in tumour formation in nerve, organ, muscle and epithelial (cells that line the internal and external surfaces of the body) tissue.

Mareks disease

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Regardless of this, make sure you take the proper precautions necessary to make sure your parrot doesn’t get exposed to this horrible deadly disease. Marek’s disease is often described as a virally induced cancer. It is caused by a virus and there is no known cure for the disease. While some birds survive the vast majority sadly succumb to the disease. The morbidity of Marek’s disease is between 10-50% – this means that of all chickens that get exposed to Marek’s, between 10-50% will Disease is chronic.

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Impossible to eliminate, even with careful cleanout and disinfection procedures,   Marek's disease (MD) is a herpesvirus-induced lymphoproliferative disease An alphaherpesvirus (Genus Mardivirus [i.e. Marek's Disease Virus]); was formerly  Probably one of the most common problems we see is Marek's disease in small flocks of birds.

Mareks disease

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Mareks disease

Some strains of the virus don't cause the disease itself. They make  Marek's Disease · Cause / Transmission: A herpes-virus. Highly contagious. · Occurs mainly in chickens under 16 weeks of age.

Specifically, it is a type of alpha herpesvirus, and more specifically it is a DNA virus. Marek's cannot be transmitted vertically. This means that a mother hen cannot pass Marek's on through the egg to her chick. Marek’s disease is one of the most common diseases we see in a small multi-age unvaccinated flocks. The disease presents typically between 12 and 20 weeks of age and it is usually fatal. The control of the disease is difficult so you need a good understanding of the basic principles in order to reduce the chance of your birds becoming infected.
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Mareks disease

Marek's disease. PATHOLOGY DESCRIPTION. Marek’s disease is a viral tumor-causing disease of chickens and is caused by 6 different herpes viruses that primarily affect young birds.

Apply the vaccine to the chicken when they are one day old in the hatchery. HTV-126 vaccine is for mareks disease. Marek’s disease is very prevalent everywhere there is poultry, and if your chickens catch it there is no cure.
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Generally 4-7 weeks aged chicken affects by this disease. The chicken affected by this disease become paralyzed.